New Ironman Tailored Canvas Seat Covers

Ironman Canvas Seat Covers

3 piece shovel ironman

Ironman 3 piece shovelIronman 4×4 are happy to announce our new 3 piece shovel, a must have item to carry with you whenever you head out to the scrub.

Whether it’s recovering your vehicle, building up a track or digging a fire pit the 3 piece shovel has you covered. The 3 piece shovel is able to be changed between a long handled shovel and a short handled spade and includes a heavy duty storage/carry bag for easy, mess free storage.


  • CNC machined, 304 stainless steel joints
  • Heat treated steel blade
  • Steel reinforced PVC handle
  • Cushioned ‘D’ handle
  • Multi-core single-moulded steel

4x4 shovel by Ironman

ironman warranty4wd 4x4 Adjustable trailing arms

Trailing arms are some of the most exposed suspension components on a lifted 4×4 and are prone to bending and breaking. Ironman 4×4 has resolved this common problem by producing heavy duty ADR approved, adjustable upper and lower trailing arms to suit GQ/ GU Patrols and 80/105 Series Landcruisers.
Providing radically stronger arms that can also correct driveline and pinion angles, the control arms feature over 5” of adjustment to suit a range of lifts and applications. The arms are on-vehicle adjustable, providing ease of adjustment once on the vehicle to ensure diff alignment is spot on!
Oh and did we mention they were tough? Featuring a solid 32mm centre, 60% increase in the thickness of the eyes surrounding the bushes and deeper penetrating welds to ensure maximum strength and structural integrity.

4wd adjustable trailing arms

  • ADR approved for on-road use
  • Correct driveline and pinion angles
  • Easy on-vehicle adjustment
  • Over 5” of adjustment
  • Fine M32 thread adjustment
  • Solid 32mm centres
  • Over-engineered construction
  • Replacing original hollow units with solid 32mm
  • 60% increase in eye wall thickness.
  • Deeper penetrating welds
  • Factory style bonded rubber bushes

Nissan Patrol Y60 GQ / Y61 GU Adjustable Upper Trailing Arm UTA003 $165.00
Nissan Patrol Y60 GQ / Y61 GU Adjustable Lower Trailing Arm LTA003 $187.00
Toyota Landcruiser 80 / 105 Adjustable Upper Trailing Arm UTA001 $165.00
Toyota Landcruiser 80 / 105 Adjustable Lower Trailing Arm LTA001 $187.00

4wd trailing arm bushes

Have you checked your trailing arm bushes lately?




Also available OE compatible replacement rubber bushes.
Nissan Patrol Y60 GQ / Y61 GU Upper and Lower Trailing Arm Bush Rubber 836RT $27.50
Toyota Landcruiser 80 / 105 Upper Trailing Arm Bush Rubber 844RT $27.50
Toyota Landcruiser 80 / 105 Lower Trailing Arm Bush Rubber 843RT $27.50



Ironman Quick Grip

Ironman Rubber Clamping Quick Grip

Ironman Quick Grip Rubber Clamp MountsIronman 4×4 is happy to announce the release of our new Quick Grip rubber mounting kit.
Securing your cargo is vital in any 4×4. With the Ironman 4×4 Quick Grip mounting kit, you’ll have a range of clamps to handle everything from small hand tools, axes and shovels all the way to fire extinguishers and scuba tanks.
Easy to use, and UV resistant, Quick grips are perfect for quickly and securely mounting items, ensuring you have no annoying rattles and everything stays in place.
Each kit includes:

  • 2 Mini Quick Grip clamps 16-32mm (up to 11kg)
  • 4 original Quick Grip clamps 25-57mm (up to 11kg)
  • 2 Super Quick Grip clamps 64-240mm (up to 23kg)Ironman quick grip uses



NEW AVAILABLE NOW!Camping Shower By Ironman

Rechargeable Camping Shower

Rechargeable Camping ShowerLooking to stay clean and fresh out on the tracks?

The Ironman 4×4 rechargeable camp shower has you covered!

With a built in Lithium-ion battery there is no need to worry about vicinity to your vehicle, you can set this up in privacy anywhere that is convenient to you!

The built in suction cup and hook provide plenty of mounting and setup options.

And with up to one hour of run time, you’ll be running out of water before you can
run the shower battery down!

  • Powered by built-in lithium-ion batteryCamping Shower Price
  • One touch operation
  • Shower head with on/off switch
  • Car adaptor/USB cable recharging
  • Compact and light weight
  • Carry bag included for easy storage




Ironman have released a new 40mm lift kit for the 2005 onwards 2wd Toyota Hilux.

View all the details by clicking here

ironman 2wd Hilux lift kit parts list

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